“In the 2 years we’ve been at 3MM, my son has grown so much. I’m so happy that I can participate and be part of it!”
~ Belkys Inoa, 3MM Mother

“Sometimes I overhear my son Cristofer talking to his baby brother. He tells his baby brother, ‘I’m going to take you to my school. Then you can see how I study at school. And one day you can study at 3MM, too. I’m going to take you.’”
~ Dulce María Suardi Cordero, 3MM Mother

“The year and a half I spent as 3MM Assistant Director and Art Program Director/Teacher was invaluable. Working with Sarah, the children, volunteers, parents and community members from La Ciénaga gave me a renewed sense of purpose. Sarah’s openness to new ideas provided me with the freedom to contribute much to the school, its programs and community while gaining experience in teaching, fundraising, marketing, event planning, community development and, of course, learning and speaking Spanish. Every day was filled with warmth, laughter and joy. Anyone who wants to immerse themselves in challenging, meaningful and rewarding work, this is the place to be. Thank you, Sarah and 3MM, for all you have brought to my life.”
~ Alexis Mahon – Brookline, Massachusetts, USA, Former Volunteer/Staff

“A life changing experience that gave me the perspective and meaning that I was looking for in life.”
~ Kirby Weyandt – St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, Former Volunteer

“A true beacon of light, I was very impressed by the warm, caring ambience, the thoughtfully designed bilingual programme and the creative use of the local environment and the vegetable garden to enhance and make ‘real’ the educational experience. These young children who normally have very little opportunity to use colourful materials or have access to story books, challenging puzzles and a whole range of resources experience a fantastic start to a life long journey. The school´s philosophy that true education for the young is a three-way process between the child, the teacher and the parents or care givers is very evident and whilst learning the children respond with energy and enthusiasm and show kindness and respect to each other.”
~ Lynne Chester – Kent, England, Former Volunteer

“Our family spent two wonderful weeks volunteering at 3MM last spring. We had a rich experience working with the bright eyed students and the dedicated staff made us feel welcome.  Sarah and Alexis encouraged us to share our expertise and interests and made us feel that all our contributions were appreciated whether it was painting the foyer, transforming a gutted VW Volkswagon into a playmobile, teaching the kids yoga poses or just sitting on the floor amongst the children doing puzzles, singing along at circle time or reading a book aloud.  3MM has a special place in our hearts and we look forward to our next visit.”
~ The Hempstead-Meskin Family – Madison, Wisconsin, USA, Former Volunteers

“After being introduced to and visiting the 3MM school during our trip to the DR last year, it was clear to us what a wonderful learning environment is being provided for these children…  In getting to know Sarah, and other staff, we saw how very committed these folks are to the community of children and families they have created.  As a result, we easily decided to support this effort by contributing to a scholarship for an awesome little girl named Karla…  The school often sends us photos and updates on how Karla and her mother Odalis are doing.  This helps us to stay connected to them even though we are so far away.  From the bright smiles and great stories we hear, it’s a nice feeling to know that a reasonable contribution can touch a family is such an important way.”
~ The Blatt Family – Massachusetts, USA, 3MM Donor

“A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of observing the lunch program at 3MM. What a wonderful experience! It was so heartwarming to see these little people sitting at their little tables with real dishes, glasses and cutlery; no plastic here! They were so polite and if they wanted another helping, they would raise their hands. For some I’m sure this the best and maybe only proper meal they receive all day. Not only are their bodies being nourished, they are learning how to properly use their cutlery, table manners, and sitting together having conversations. Totally enjoyed my visit!!!!”
~ Mary McNabb