Our goal is an ambitious one: to raise $25,000 for the food and materials to prepare and serve nutritious lunches and snacks to our students every school day.

But with the help of a generous fund-matching donor, we’ve got a real shot at reaching that goal together!

Lunchtime is a very important part of the day at 3MM.

In true Montessori tradition, our students are involved in every step of the process—learning about nutrition, peeling, cutting and dicing vegetables and fruit, making muffins and homemade whole wheat bread, tending to our new vegetable garden, preparing lunch tables, and even washing their own dishes and cloth napkins.

Breaking the cycle of poverty, one meal at a time

We are ALL so grateful!  Your generous donations to our lunch campaign allow us to offer the nutritious meals that are so vital to the developing minds and bodies of our students, and also help us to establish lifelong healthy eating habits for them, too.

In an impoverished community like ours, we can’t think of better gifts to share with our children than education and good nutrition!

This year we have a great opportunity!

One of our long-time supporters will be matching your donations – up to $15,000 – to this campaign. Please help us make the most of this generous offer!


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