In case you haven’t heard, August 17th marked the grand opening of our Elementary program (below you can see some of the before and after photos of the space that was transformed into the new learning center for 6-9 yr. olds).

The program was developed by Montessori guide, Patty Anton, and is off to a wonderful start.  It offers five, full mornings of Montessori academic work and five afternoons of enrichment activities; i.e. hands-on projects with mathematics, science, culture, cooking, art, music and, most importantly, a great deal of outdoor time to meet the developmental needs of our students.

We love the diversity of the student population, how beautifully the classroom has been outfitted, and the observations we’ve already made of the children “stepping up” in their new roles as the oldest students on campus.


We couldn’t have done it without you

We’re certain this pioneering venture will be a huge success and we can’t wait to show visitors our newest classroom!  We are so grateful for everyone’s contribution in making this the perfect environment for these children—Casira for their hard work in the initial demolition/construction, the Passarelli family for their very generous donation allowing us to purchase all of our Montessori classroom materials, the Lichtenstein family for their help painting cabinets, and the Alvarez family for the donation of furniture.