One-on-One Montessori Meetings

Frequent communication between our Montessori guides and our families, coupled with an understanding of the Montessori philosophy, contributes greatly to our children’s success in the program.

In addition to the individual parent/teacher conferences, 3MM holds classroom specific meetings every other month to help parents become more familiar with the Montessori philosophy, to provide methods for continued growth and support at home, to inform parents of events and/or changes in the classroom, and to celebrate our community.

Parent Observations

Parent observations are important in the 3MM community. They provide opportunities for children to show their parents a dynamic picture of what life is like Montessori-style…friends, teachers, learning materials, or in other words their second “home”.

3MM welcomes all parents to observe from our special rooms created for that purpose inside the classrooms. Each observation room has a large one way mirror that parents use to observe their child engage with others and the Montessori materials without causing any distraction for their child or the rest of the students.

Parents are obligated to come to observe at least 4 times a year but are always welcome to come more often if they wish.

Tuition alternative

All parents of students on scholarship (60% of student body) play their part by helping around the school (cleaning, maintenance, material creation, etc.).

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