Using the Montessori method, 3MM is committed to providing a learning environment that encourages all our students to become confident, independent, caring and creative individuals. And because family participation in education is twice as predictive of students’ success as socioeconomic status, all 3MM parents are active members of the school community.

3MM also employs, mentors and awards Montessori teacher certification scholarships to teaching assistants who have grown up right in the school’s neighborhood.

Working together, 3MM children, parents and teachers have created an early childhood education program that works.

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Associated Programs

The Mariposas DR Foundation






The Mariposa DR Foundation is our sister organization with whom we collaborate on a regular basis on programs and activities such as:

  • Theatre productions
  • A Christmas Fair
  • The girls of the Mariposa DR Foundation have come to read to our students
  • Visits to the swimming pool
  • And other fun, educational, and empowering activities

And most importantly, when our girls turn eight, they are able to join their program.