We’ve reached our goals for this year’s “A Mother’s Wish” campaign.

Thanks to the generosity of over 55 donors, fewer children will be left to roam the streets of La Cienega by day and go to bed with empty tummies at night.

Once again, children from La Cienega will be able to attend 3 Mariposas Montessori on scholarship next year and receive an exceptional education, healthy daily snacks and lunches, medical check-ups and care, and much love and guidance from our trained staff.

Through A Mother’s Wish Campaign, more mothers will rest easy knowing their children are well taken care of and on their way to realizing their unique and marvelous potential.

What a wonderful gift!

Of course, just because we’ve met our goals for this campaign, doesn’t mean you can’t still help. There’s always something to be done and you can help by donating money, donating materials, or volunteering your time.

Please contact us at info@3mariposasmontessori if you have any questions about this campaign or ways you can help support our mission.