Ritza is Eduardo’s mother, one of our students in the El Nido classroom.

Eduardo is the youngest of Ritza’s five children, he just recently turned three, and just finished his first semester at 3MM. His mother moved here from Haiti about ten years ago, and now the family lives in La Cienaga, the neighborhood where 3MM is located.

We sat down with Ritza recently to get to know them better!

1. What aspirations do you have for your children?

I want my children to be able to finish school and for them to achieve better futures by getting good jobs. I also hope to always be able to provide for them.

2. What are the most difficult aspects of being a mom?

The most difficult thing for me right now is not having a job and trying to provide for all my children.

3. How did you hear about us and why do you send your son to 3MM?

I send Eduardo to 3MM because I heard others in La Cienaga mention that the programs are good for the children, and I want him to get an education.

4. What hopes do you have for yourself?

I currently rent a living space that is only one room. My hope for the future is to have our own space, to have a home with at least three rooms for myself and my five children.

Ritzay and Eduardo