Reiny Fernandez Hernandez just turned 14 on November 4th. One of six siblings, Reiny was born and raised in La Cienaga, and has been volunteering her free time at 3 Mariposas since September of this year.

She is one of our most dedicated volunteers, and supports the lead guides in the El Nido classroom every morning with the youngest children, as well as helps out with the Elementary afternoon program Monday and Wednesdays in the afternoon.

She attends the local high school at night, and is currently in 9th grade.

Read the brief interview below to get to know her better!

Q: What brought you to 3 Mariposas Montessori?
A: I’m from the community of la Cienaga, where the school is located, and my mom was helping me to search for a place where I could volunteer and spend my free time productively. I’ve always loved children, and wanted to see how they learn and grow in this environment.

Q: Which age group do you most enjoy working with?
A: The oldest students, age 5-7, because you can have a conversation with them!

Q: What is your favorite part about volunteering here?
A: Watching how even the youngest children in El Nido are able to concentrate on their individual work stations.

Q: Tell me about your plans for the future.
A: First, I want to graduate high school, and later go to university. I hope to create my own foundation one day, and help my parents as well as the community.