Imagine, having the same hopes for your children as mothers worldwide, but not having anything tangible to give.

That is what most mothers in La Cienaga, the impoverished community near our school face every day.  And it is why we raise money every May for student scholarships.

Our goal is to raise $44,000 by May 28th (Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic) in order to give 14 children a scholarship to attend 3 Mariposas Montessori for the 2017-2018 school year.

Children reading a bookNumerous studies show that education is the #1 way for people to lift themselves out of poverty.

Early education makes a critical difference in lifelong learning and socialization. For these families, an early education is the best chance they have to start on a different path.

Each Scholarship Recipient Receives:

  • a bilingual Montessori education
  • annual wellness checks
  • free medical consultations
  • healthy snacks, lunch & purified drinking water
  • daily vitamins
  • field trips

The mothers of 3MM, mothers like Karen, know the importance of education. Your donation gives them hope for the future, because you give their children a chance for a better life.

What are Karen’s dreams for her children?

Not any different from mothers’ dreams anywhere—that they are loved for who they are, that they receive a good education, and that they grow up to be good, hardworking, and responsible people.

Please donate to A Mother’s Wish Campaign and give 3MM mothers the best Mother’s Day gift of all.


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