Sarah Ludwig-Ross
Sarah is the founding member of the board and currently serves as the Board President. She is also the founder and Head of School at 3MM and has a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Development and two Montessori certifications. Sarah has been working in the field of education for 28 years and has always worked in culturally and economically diverse educational institutions. Although Sarah was born and raised in the USA, she has lived in the Dominican Republic for 24 years.

Paul Passarelli
Paul, a US citizen, serves as the Vice President and has been on the board for a year. He has been a long-time supporter of Montessori education, as all three of his daughters attended Montessori schools when they were younger. Paul has been a 3MM donor since he first visited the school in 2016. In his professional career, Paul has been CFO and CEO of the Exacta Group of Companies. He graduated from Miami University in 1990 and received his MBA from Carnegie Mellon in 1994.

Helmut Ludwig
Helmut is the Board Secretary and is originally from Austria. He has been living in the DR, however, for almost 29 years. He never enjoyed school much as a child but believes that his feelings about school would have been much different if he would have attended a school like 3MM. Helmut is an adventure guide. He’s enjoyed taking our staff on canyoning adventures as well as leading kayaking trips for our students. He is also a trained mechanic and extremely handy and therefore is always volunteering to help fix things around the school.

Dr. Monica Garcia
Dr. Garcia is the Treasurer of the board and joined the board three years ago. She has volunteered at 3MM in the past by cleaning the teeth of our students and staff members. Dr. Garcia is a big-hearted Dominican who is passionate about helping others and who also adores children! Dr. Garcia keeps busy as a dentist in her private practice as well as working in the public dentistry sector. She is also a very active member of her church.

Evelin Barrientos
Evelin is the newest member of the board and serves as a general member. She is Dominican and for 25 years worked at Sea Horse Ranch, a private residential community as their Villa and Homeowner Manager. Just recently she was hired by the President of the DR to be the Manager of Customs at the Puerto Plata airport. Like Paul, Sarah, and Helmut, Evelin is also a Montessori parent and believes wholeheartedly in the Montessori method.