Each year 3MM raises money for our Student Scholarship fund. Your generous donations make it possible for underprivileged families in our neighborhood to send their children to school and be a part of the 3MM community.

We call this campaign A Mother’s Wish because it is the wish of all the 3MM mothers for their child to have better opportunities than they did.

At 3 Mariposas Montessori we teach to “the whole child.”  Which means social skills and personal development are as important as specific academic subjects like mathematics, science, language, etc.

Sadly, the public schools that are available to our students have 40-50 children per classroom with only one teacher, so learning even the most basic academic skills is a struggle.

Days spent at 3MM are an enrichment of academics and natural wonders that help form our children into curious learners, respectful and helpful young people, and genuinely well rounded students.

Mother and daughters

Our students are taught in both Spanish and English and are all practically fluent in both languages by the time they enter first grade.

The education students receive because of the Student Scholarship Fund gives them a very real chance to break the cycle of poverty that surrounds the area. Won’t you help so we can continue to support the children in our community?


Our goal is to raise $50,000 by June 9th to send 16 students to school next year.

A Mother's Wish 2018