Each December we raise money to support the 3MM Free School Lunch Program.

3MM’s Free Lunch Program was started to provide at least one healthy meal every school day for children who otherwise might not eat at all. We began with white rice, pasta and bread. With the support of people like you we have switched to whole grain pasta, breads, and rice. Fruit and vegetables are a constant at every meal.

For every $40 you donate this holiday season, you’ll give a child a home-cooked, healthy lunch for 1 month. With your help, we can raise $10,000 by December 31st to give all our children lunch in the new year.

At 3MM, lunchtime is also a time for fun and learning. Our students work together to help prepare the meal, set the table and learn about healthy habits. They love the chance to sit around a table together. They tell stories, giggle, learn about each other and try new foods.

Please, help us provide the sustenance these children need to learn, to grow, to play, to laugh. Be the reason one less child goes hungry today.

For the same amount of money you might spend on one restaurant dinner, you will provide the children of 3MM with the nutrition they need to learn and grow without the painful burden of an empty stomach.


Holiday Lunch Campaign details


Donations can also be made by check and sent to:

3 Mariposas Montessori Foundation
133 N. Villamere Dr.
Dowagiac, MI 49047

Donations made by December 31st qualify for a 2017 tax deduction.