Jeanette Garcia

Jeanette Garcia Blanco


Jeanette Garcia Blanco is an attorney who specialized in real estate, business and civil law.  She is busy running her own law firm, but always makes time to support 3MM.  She has been offering her legal services to 3MM, free of charge, … Read More


Celeste Anton

Digital Marketing and Communications

Celeste was born and raised in Michigan, and has now settled in Madison, Wisconsin. After received a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a Master’s in Strategic Communication, Celeste worked at the University of Wisconsin-Madison … Read More


Reiny Fernandez Hernandez

El Nido Volunteer

Reiny is a young woman from the community of La Cienaga who began working as a Volunteer in the El Nido classroom in September of 2017. She has a lot of experience working with young children, and very much enjoys spending time with them. … Read More