Located in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, 3 Mariposas Montessori is a unique early childhood development program created by our children, parents and teachers. 7 out of 10 students live in poverty and attend 3MM on full scholarship; however, our entire student population is composed of children from various cultures, nationalities and socioeconomic backgrounds. We are proud of our diversity, which reflects the community in which we live!

By using the Montessori method, supporting and collaborating with parents and training local teachers, 3MM has created a model for early childhood education that makes a difference.




To co-create with children, parents and teachers a unique early childhood development program that will provide the children of our community with the critical foundation needed for educational success and a happy and healthy life.


To replicate this sustainable model throughout the Dominican Republic so that children, parents and teachers may be active leaders in society and take pride in their community.


For every $16 you donate to our Holiday Lunch Campaign, you'll give a child like Djenie a healthy lunch for 2 weeks. Donate today.